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If you are a Sheffield Pottery Clay customer, and sell wholesale, we want to buy your pottery!

Over 100 of our potters have their work in our beautiful, rustic retail barn located in a high traffic tourist area here in the Berkshires.
We are always looking for new lines.

Please contact Diane at 888.774-2529 (888.SPI-CLAY) Ext: 14 or email : [email protected]

Some of the Pottery Artists we represent....
Bennington Potters
Simon Pearce
Monroe Salt Works
Liz Guiheen: G-Wiz Pottery
Ethan Hamby and Shana Brautigam: Rooted in Clay
Allan Buitekant
Lee Siegel: All Fired Up Pottery

Natalie Blake

Rekha Das; Peacock Pottery
Kaleidoscope Pottery

Daniel Bellow
Muddy Bird Pottery
Tim Christensen-Kirby
Parris Works Pottery

Roman Blanchard Pottery

Louise Harter
Lois Barker Stoneware
Michael and Josh Cohen Pottery
Brown Trout Pottery
Natural Elements
Robert Fishman Pottery
David Matthews Pottery
Michael Boroniec Studio Ceramics
Stone Soldier Pottery
Great Bay Pottery
Cathy Gerson: Gerson Ware
Firelight Studios
Plus, Many More...

Continuing the family tradition that is the foundation of our business that started in 1946, our Retail Pottery Showroom, is bigger and better than ever! We recently renovated and enlarged the sales floor of the original red barn, and are expanding our lines to fill it!

These Potters all have one thing in common: They all use Sheffield Pottery Clay...

As a professional potter who uses our clay you may qualify to participate in our pottery buy back program...

If you are a Sheffield Pottery clay customer, and sell wholesale, we want to buy your pottery! Over 100 of our potters have their work in our beautiful, rustic retail shop located in a high traffic tourist area here in the Berkshires, and were always looking for new lines.

For more information please contact Diane Cowen at extension 14!

Here's what some of our customers/vendors have to say about our pottery buy back program:

"First they unload the boxes of clay from their truck. Then they immediately load my finished work right back on the truck! For well over a decade Sheffield Pottery has supplied me with both excellent customer service and the most consistent and finest prepared stoneware clay body. Furthermore, their on-site gallery has supported me by selling my wheel-thrown functional pottery. John, Diane, Benny, Chris, Lee and all the folks at Sheffield Pottery truly care about their customers!"
-Bob Fishman-- Robert Fishman Pottery

"When we first moved over to Sheffield as our clay supplier, we were looking for a clay company with an emphasis on quality, reliability, honesty, and customer service. We found all of these things. As our relationship has grown, we have also discovered that Sheffield is a terrific place to sell our wares as well. Sheffield uses the same values when dealing with us as a supplier of finished pottery that they use when we are buying from them. We have been consistently impressed with Sheffield, and recommend Sheffield to all of our potter friends as a great place to both buy and sell clay. Our work and business have progressed far faster for our relationship with Sheffield Pottery."
-Tim & Theresa Christensen Kirby -- Muddy Bird Pottery

"Sheffield Pottery has a large, wonderful facility which I urge you to visit. Their clay production is state-of-the art. Their retail showroom displays several artists' work who use their clay, and Sheffield in turn, buys our work - a very nice arrangement. I use five different Sheffield Clay Bodies, firing from raku to high temperature wood. The clay is screened and moisture consistent. We throw and hand build our pieces which range from small to very large in scale. Sheffield's service is great and clay delivery is prompt."
-Lee Segal-- All Fired Up Pottery

"Having used other clay suppliers closer to home in New Hampshire, I found out about Sheffield 10 years ago. A family operation, digging their own clay, a huge inventory, extra helpful and friendly staff, all convinced me to order from these guys. Having given them plenty of money in recent years for clay and glaze supplies used in my production pottery studio, I was very pleased to be asked to wholesale in their newly expanded showroom. What a great idea! My pots end up back where they started, as actual specks of dust, and shoppers can get an idea of what all those supplies can do. As a business owner, I have seen many retailers come and go, some of whom owed me money! Sheffield has been a fixture for decades, both for potters, tourists, and local shoppers. I get an order, make some stuff, get a check, get treated like royalty. Finally, I spend a lot of time by myself, making bowls and piggy banks and such. Visiting Sheffield's showroom is like F.A.O. Schwartz for a kid: all those lovely pots to look at!
-Gary Rith-- Brown Trout Pottery